How to Choose the Right Length for Your Prom Dress

October 30, 2013 0 Comments

Do you think that choosing the right prom dress length is the easiest part in dress shopping? Think again! Things are not as simple as they seem. Find out what is the best prom dress length below in order to make the right decision for your special night. Prom, junior prom or banquet, they are all of major importance in any young girl's life, and you will truly enjoy this moment if you feel like a real princess for the night. Fancy evening dresses, tailored by the latest fashion, handsome boys dressed in suits, a great atmosphere, colorful balloons, glamour and crazy all night dancing, they all contribute to the feeling that prom is the biggest event of your life so far. So it's really import to choose a feminine, graceful and elegant dress that suits you and has the right length. When you're a young woman in this situation the first thing you need to decide, before style, is the prom dress length. It needs to emphasize your traits, if you have great legs you should go for a short dress, if you want to be a glamorous Hollywood siren you should choose a long dress. Don't forget all these lengths can be perfectly adapted to any conformation or allure, if you choose right. Ankle length We will start with the most common prom dress length, the ankle length, which obviously goes down to the ankles. It's considered to be the most elegant and feminine length. Long prom dresses are endowed with mystery and magic. They have the ability to turn a young woman into a prom queen. But this length requires a lot of other decisions. You have to choose between a formal and sexy style, with a bare back for example, or maybe with a train in the back…or curve-hugging or with a voluminous skirt, princess style. Decisions, decisions! Ballerina length As the name suggests, this prom dress length is similar to a ballerina stage costume. It has a voluminous skirt, think of a tutu. This design is great for an outdoor prom. Floor length The hem of this dress touches the floor all around it. This formal look is perfect for a voluminous skirt, but also to one that highlights the curves of the body. Intermediate length In general, this type of prom dress length reaches between the ankle and the knee. It's perfect for a less formal prom, especially if you want to dance all night. High-low length A variation of the intermediate length, this design is short in the front and long in the back. This dress is perfect if you want to highlight your legs or shoes. Knee length Another great, easy-going style, the knee length dress is recommended for a chic and modern young woman. It's suitable for almost any type of figure. The Mini If you have a daring personality, a mini prom dress is a must. It's a chic, relaxed and glamorous style that will give you great freedom of movement. But be careful, you have to consider how short it should be, don't choose a micro length; it still needs to be elegant. Ultimately, choosing the ideal prom dress length is strictly personal. You need to know what suits you the best and think about the comfort level you want. Also, the prom dress length should be appropriate to your age and the type of event, don't choose something too sexy, too sophisticated or too classic, the dress needs to emphasize your qualities and personality. Eventually, with a lot of patience and some good advice you will be able to choose the dress of your dreams that you will remember dearly for the rest of your life.  

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