Autumn Textures: Silk

October 24, 2013 0 Comments

Special occasions don't take into consideration the weather and even if it's cold, ladies have to shine and be fashionable. The new autumn season promises to be romantic and feminine. The common elements of the fall designs are lace embroidery and loose fabrics like silk and veil. But the star of the season is the silk evening dress. Silk is a noble material that gives an ethereal feeling to any look. This season all the designers recommend this sensual fabric that ads sophistication and distinction to the wearer. Silk will make you feel special in any moment of the day so try to incorporate it into your wardrobe. There are many ways, just check them out below. The silk evening dress Generally, a silk evening dress is not designed on the body line; it's either loose or in layers. Such a dress is very effective if it has thin straps. Discrete and very feminine, the silk evening dress should be worn with accessories in the same color. A glamour makeup will make you irresistible. Pearl and rhinestone details go perfectly on a silk evening dress. The details should be coordinated with the shoes or purse. Shoes don't have to be very high, but the heel should be thin. The purse should be small and your jewelry should stand out. The best way to top off you silk evening dress is with a fur coat. But there are many other ways to incorporate silk into your wardrobe. There are shoes, accessories, blouses, jackets, pants, scarves and hats. The silk scarf This autumn, silk scarves with pops of color are very fashionable, especially with orange, green or pink details. They are the ideal solution to refresh your outfit and keep it modern. The 40's style silk headband If you're looking for a vintage look, a unique headband can get you out of the crowd. This season, designers prefer stripes. Silk headbands also protect your hair and prevent tangling or breaking. Combine different colored headbands and pair them to both casual and elegant outfits. They work very well with a silk evening dress. The silk clutch Are you invited to a special event? After you choose your silk evening dress and shoes complete your look with a trendy silk clutch. Choose a stylish and unique design in gradient a color. Sexy silk bras Silk bras come in very hot colors and their soft material is irresistible. Choose a sexy combination of silk and lace to optically increase your bust size.    

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